Architecture that speaks its own language.

More than just real estate. What distinguishes the Kö-Bogen is its striking façade made of glass and white natural stone, cut open by diagonal slashes, the so-called “cuts” on the north and west sides of the ensemble. With the special engineering of its façade, the Kö-Bogen, with its hanging gardens of the Königsallee, speaks its own language.



Daniel Libeskind, B.Arch. M.A. BDA AIA, is an international architect and designer. His work extends to places all over the world, including museums and concert halls as well as conference centers, universities, hotels, shopping centers and housing projects. Born in Lodz, Poland in 1946, Libeskind started out as a musical virtuoso, before giving up music for architecture. He has received several awards and has designed many projects of world renown, among others the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Denver Art Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Military History Museum in Dresden, the master plan for Ground Zero and many more. Daniel Libeskind’s commitment to enlarge the scope of architecture is reflected in his deep interest and engagement in the areas of philosophy, art, literature and music. The fundamental aspect of Libeskind’s philosophy is the idea that structures are created from perceptible human energy and thus address the larger cultural context in which they were built. Daniel Libeskind teaches and lectures at universities around the world. He lives in New York City with his wife and business partner, Nina Libeskind.


„Every place needs its own identity. Especially in times of global uniformity, we need this so that historical relationships and cultures do not get lost.“ DANIEL LIBESKIND


Creation and sustainable investment in an architectural icon. From the beginning, the Kö-Bogen by Daniel Libeskind was treated as a distinctive and media-relevant beacon project and received a great deal of public attention. The responsible project developers die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH, positioned and accompanied the Kö-Bogen until it was sold to Art Invest Real Estate Köln/Düsseldorf, who added the real estate to its portfolio in 2014. The company “die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH” was founded by the managing directors Stefan H. Mühling und Kurt Zech as main shareholders of the Zech Group GmbH, Bremen. All buildings stand for Germany’s sustainability in the future, conceptual strength and forward- thinking city planning. The Kö-Bogen combines first class architecture at a non-reproducible top location with an extraordinary investment opportunity. The marketability from project to product as a core object was confirmed by the early acquisition of Kö-Bogen by Art Invest GmbH one year prior to completion.



„The Kö-Bogen is more than a successful project for us. It is our icon.“  Stefan H. Mühling, die developer



The Kö-Bogen’s award in the category “Best Urban Regeneration Project” is not only a sign for architectural quality, but above all, it confirms and recognizes the urban planning vision and the determination to redesign the heart of downtown Düsseldorf and to lengthen the Königsallee. The Kö-Bogen is here the first milestone for further measures, which will bring a new modern urbanity to the city center between Schauspielhaus, Dreischeibenhaus, Hofgarten and Johannes Church.

For the area around the former Jan-Wellem Platz, star architect Daniel Libeskind of New York has designed a two-part building ensemble with about 42,000m2 floor space on a site of 9,000m2: two 26m-high buildings (Haus Hofgarten and Haus Königsallee) that are occupied by premium flagship stores of international top brands, unique store concepts as well as cafés and restaurants. Highly functional and modern office space is being created on the upper floors.

GREEN BUILDING: LEED Platinum certification

After Kö-Bogen received the renowned MIPIM AWARD in the category “Best Urban Regeneration Project” in March 2014, half a year later it was also awarded the LEED Platinum certification. “Being awarded the LEED Platinum certification is really a very special honor and a wonderful acknowledgement of our work. We worked towards this goal and are obviously very happy that we were able to reach it,” says Stefan H. Mühling, managing director of the responsible project developing company, “die developer”.
Kö-Bogen receives MIPIM AWARD
170,000 m3 excavated material, 36 participating offices, 45 planning companies, 60,000 plans and reports , 10 tons of paper – and 35,000 cups of coffee, these are just some of the facts that characterize the construction process of the Kö-Bogen. And the effort was worth it: in March 2014, the Kö-Bogen was awarded the renowned MIPIM AWARD in the category “Best Urban Regeneration Project”. The building ensemble designed by Daniel Libeskind and realized by the project development company “die developer” convinced everyone. The prize was awarded during the MIPIM in Cannes and is called the “Oscar of the real estate sector”.


Since 2009, the immobilienmanager.AWARD is awarded in 14 different categories; seasoned specialists make up the expert jury. In 2011, Kö-Bogen won the immobilienmanager.AWARD and brought the renowned prize of the real estate business to Düsseldorf. In 2013, Kö-Bogen was successful again in being among the top three. This time in the category Mediation and Consulting.

bvfa – Quality Seal „Sprinkler Protected“

Düsseldorf’s new center is convincing not only for architectural reasons, but also in terms of safety: Designed by the star architect Daniel Libeskind from New York, the Kö-Bogen is protected by close to 8,600 sprinklers, including the underground parking facility belonging to it. For its extensive fire protection measures, the building complex was awarded the “Sprinkler Protected” Quality Seal of the German Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvfa) on February 22, 2016.

„With their decision to install comprehensive fire protection using a sprinkler system, those responsible at Kö-Bogen have set a clear example. In every situation in life, whether it’s recreational, training or work-related, the protection of human life must be a top priority. Therefore, we are happy to add this building to the list of previous award-winners,“ said Dr. Wolfram Krause, the managing director of the German Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection (bvfa), in regard to the jury’s decision.


The laying of the cornerstone (June 17, 2011) and the topping out ceremony (September 22, 2012) were large events with almost 900 guests and 120 media representatives, thus proving to be socially highly relevant and receiving a wide echo in the media.


The project was inspected and approved by the city of Düsseldorf on October 28, 2013, despite a huge setback due to arson in an already completely fitted-out retail space on September 27, 2013. Nonetheless, many stores were able to open on time or soon thereafter: one example is the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger, which simultaneously with its opening on October 17, 2013, started putting its underground parking facilities with about 650 spaces into service.
Currently there are only a few remaining spaces available for offices. The largest commercial space of about 7000m2 is rented by Boston Consulting Group. Düsseldorf will be one of the most important locations of the internationally operating consulting firm that will be employing around 300 people.
Despite damage due to the fire shortly before the planned grand opening, all rental spaces could be opened successively by the end of the year. All this was made possible by the smooth construction process staying within budget and schedule with a construction period of only three years.
Dive into the world of Kö-Bogen and get to know the architectural icon in a new way. Discover something about the creation of the real estate, the urban repair, the unique architecture and location, the functionality of the building and its tenants (specific stores will be visited according to the group’s wishes). The tour lasts 45 minutes and we guarantee you get a completely new impression of Düsseldorf’s modern landmark and can pass your new knowledge on to others.
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