Calv­in Klein Opens at Kö-Bogen

Influ­en­cer and Fash­ion Enthu­si­asts at the Grand Open­ing of the Styl­ish New Store

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 27. Mai 2024

Last Thursday, Calv­in Klein cel­eb­rated the offi­cial open­ing of its new Calv­in Klein store in Kö-Bogen. Along with around 200 invited guests, the fash­ion com­pany also wel­comed sev­er­al renowned influ­en­cers, includ­ing Aleandra Frerk, Anthony Felice, Tobi­as Reu­ter, Fil­iz, Jonas Kauten­bur­ger, Den­nis Boeer, Emil Larsen, and oth­er prom­in­ent fig­ures from the social media scene.

The spa­cious, 474 square meter store, filled with nat­ur­al light, show­cases the latest women’s and men’s col­lec­tions, accessor­ies, and under­wear in a styl­ish and mod­ern set­ting. With the Chalk design concept, Calv­in Klein focuses on mod­ern, min­im­al­ist archi­tec­ture, high­lighted by con­tem­por­ary sur­faces and mono­chrome tones. The fit­ting rooms, accen­ted with Douglas fir wood and soft light­ing, cre­ate a relaxed and styl­ish shop­ping atmosphere.

Fotos: Annika Yanura



Hanami am Kö-Bogen Photo: Andreas Endermann 
Hanami, Kirschblüten­fest Photo : Andreas Endermann

Hanami at Kö-Bogen

Exper­i­en­cing the Beauty of Cherry Blos­soms in Düsseldorf

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 25. April 2024

Spring is the per­fect time to cel­eb­rate the tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese fest­iv­al of Hanami and admire the splendor of bloom­ing cherry blos­soms. You can also wit­ness this breath­tak­ing spec­tacle at Kö-Bogen in Düs­sel­dorf. The glass facades of the build­ing and the green sur­round­ings provide the per­fect back­drop for a Hanami picnic.

Des­pite the unpre­dict­able weath­er and the early bloom of the trees, we kicked off the open-air sea­son with a new format called “Hanami at Kö-Bogen by Little Tokyo,” in col­lab­or­a­tion with the pop­u­lar Japan-Food spe­cial­ist Tak­umi. They spe­cially cre­ated tra­di­tion­al dishes such as Dan­gos, Bento­boxes, and vari­ous Ramen for this event at Kö-Bogen.

The ensemble WAGAKU MIY­ABI, with their tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese instru­ments, provided the per­fect music­al accom­pani­ment, while DJ Fuse played relax­ing tunes. To enhance the Hanami exper­i­ence, we also organ­ized a Japan­ese “Cherry Blos­som” pro­mo­tion cam­paign, where sus­tain­ably pro­duced place mats in the Japan­ese style (hand­made in Ger­many) were giv­en away to the visitors.

Andreas Stolz in the Busi­ness Pod­cast Unplugged

From Real Estate to Brand: Sus­tain­able Urb­an Devel­op­ment at Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 17. April 2024

Kö-Bogen: More Than Just a Build­ing – the Dynam­ic Heart of Düsseldorf

The real estate land­scape is marked by a mul­ti­tude of remark­able pro­jects, yet few have man­aged to become the icon of a city. The Kö-Bogen in Düs­sel­dorf is one of these phe­nom­ena – a prop­erty that has grown bey­ond its phys­ic­al bound­ar­ies to become a brand and a vibrant focal point in urb­an devel­op­ment. In the epis­ode “Busi­ness Düs­sel­dorf Unplugged,” hos­ted by Andrea Gre­u­ner and presen­ted in col­lab­or­a­tion with the Rotonda Busi­ness Club, the IHK, and the Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment Düs­sel­dorf, Andreas Stolz, Head of Asset Man­age­ment NRW at Art-Invest Real Estate, provides deep insights into the pro­ject that has pro­foundly changed the Düs­sel­dorf city­scape. With over 30 years of exper­i­ence in the real estate mar­ket, Andreas Stolz embod­ies solid­ity, foresight, and fairness.

The Kö-Bogen shines like a pre­cious jew­el in the European port­fo­lio of Art-Invest Real Estate. How­ever, its sig­ni­fic­ance goes far bey­ond the role of a mere asset. Rather, it is a driver of urb­an devel­op­ment in Düsseldorf.

With a clear vis­ion for the future and a strategy focused on sus­tain­ab­il­ity and cit­izen par­ti­cip­a­tion, this pro­ject has evolved into a vibrant mar­ket­place that serves as a meet­ing point and exper­i­en­tial space. Diverse events and ini­ti­at­ives, such as the involve­ment of the loc­al Asi­an com­munity or part­ner­ships with the Tan­zhaus NRW, give the Kö-Bogen a spe­cial char­ac­ter and under­score its com­mit­ment to being an access­ible and appeal­ing place for all.

The Kö-Bogen rep­res­ents a suc­cess­ful syn­thes­is of mod­ern archi­tec­ture and vibrant use that appeals to and integ­rates all cit­izens and vis­it­ors alike. It is thus much more than an address – it is a suc­cess story that pro­foundly shapes the face of Düs­sel­dorf and reflects the spir­it of the city.

For more, tune in to the pod­cast:  #176 über Immob­i­li­en im Allge­mein­en und den Kö Bogen, als eines der Wahrzeichen von Düs­sel­dorf, im Beson­der­en: mit Andreas Stolz (Head of Asset Man­age­ment der Art-Invest Real Estate) von Wirtschaft Düs­sel­dorf unplugged (spotify.com)



Foto: Andreas Endermann 
Foto: Andreas Endermann
Foto: Andreas Endermann 

Culin­ary Delights with Laura Koerv­er at the Miele Exper­i­ence Cen­ter in Kö-Bogen

“Keep It Easy”

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 15. April 2024

On April 9th, the Miele Exper­i­ence Cen­ter in Kö-Bogen was trans­formed into a stage of culin­ary inspir­a­tion and con­scious enjoy­ment. Under the motto of her newly released cook­book “Keep It Easy”, Laura Koerv­er, a pion­eer of simple yet extraordin­ary cuisine, led an even­ing that allowed guests to exper­i­ence the import­ance of healthy eat­ing with all their senses.

Laura Koerv­er, author and food entre­pren­eur, shared her under­stand­ing of culin­ary trends and her per­son­al insights into the integ­ra­tion of high-qual­ity nutri­tion into a dynam­ic life­style. Her exper­i­ence as a busi­ness­wo­man and moth­er, who incor­por­ates healthy eat­ing habits into a busy daily routine, sparked lively dis­cus­sions among the 53 guests in attendance.

Along­side these inspir­ing dia­logues, the Miele team metic­u­lously presen­ted healthy delights selec­ted from Laura’s new cook­book “Keep It Easy”. These sig­na­ture dishes high­lighted that qual­ity and taste go hand in hand and raised aware­ness of how essen­tial good and nutri­ent-rich food is for our well-being. In times when there is a high rate of nutri­tion-related health prob­lems like dia­betes or car­di­ovas­cu­lar dis­eases, this even­ing demon­strated that a switch to a nutri­ent-rich diet – plen­ti­ful in veget­ables, fruits, and whole grains – is key to a health­i­er life.

This event delight­fully illus­trated the grow­ing demand for sus­tain­able and healthy nutrition.

As the per­fect host, the Miele Exper­i­ence Cen­ter in Kö-Bogen, with its top-notch con­sult­ing and innov­at­ive product present­a­tions, provided the ideal set­ting to exper­i­ence Laura Koerver’s philo­sophies. An even­ing full of inspir­a­tion, exchange, and culin­ary dis­cov­er­ies that will res­on­ate for a long time. It was a night that showed healthy cuisine can be simple, tasty, and an integ­ral part of an act­ive lifestyle.

To crown the even­ing, the Miele team dis­trib­uted Laura Koerver’s new cook­book “Keep It Easy” as a last­ing memento, which guests could have per­son­ally signed by her.

Hanami at Kö-Bogen

The count­down is on!

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 06. März 2024

I have them firmly in sight, the won­der­ful, hap­pi­ness-indu­cing Japan­ese cherry trees at Kö-Bogen. We love the awaken­ing of spring – and eagerly await the first signs! Hanami is one of them! When people gath­er in parks and gar­dens in spring to admire the stun­ning full bloom of cherry blos­soms, the tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese Hanami fest­iv­al is cel­eb­rated. The arrival of the cherry blos­soms, also known as “Sak­ura,” marks the begin­ning of spring and is often seen as a sym­bol of beauty and tran­si­ence. Hanami is a tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese prac­tice that ori­gin­ated in the 8th cen­tury, when the Japan­ese nobil­ity began to appre­ci­ate the beauty of cherry blos­soms and pic­nic togeth­er under the bloom­ing trees. The word con­sists of the two Japan­ese terms “Hana” (flower) and “Mi” (view­ing). The events range from small fam­ily pic­nics to large fest­ivals with tra­di­tion­al music, dance, and culin­ary delights. View­ing the cherry blos­soms and cel­eb­rat­ing spring are thus integ­ral parts of Japan­ese cul­ture and are passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion. But Hanami is not only a visu­al delight, it also has deep cul­tur­al sig­ni­fic­ance: it reminds people to appre­ci­ate the beauty of the moment and accept the tran­si­ence of life, a philo­sophy known as “Mono no Aware.” Hanami is there­fore not only an annu­al tra­di­tion but also an expres­sion of Japan­ese appre­ci­ation for nature and aes­thet­ics. And that’s exactly what fits with Kö-Bogen and the inter­na­tion­al, cos­mo­pol­it­an city of Düsseldorf.

Fol­low us on Ins­tagram, where there will be more news about our events soon!



© Düs­sel­dorf Tour­is­mus GmbH 

Foto: The Developer

Kö-Bogen is one of the des­tin­a­tions of the city walk on the top­ic of cli­mate change with Vis­it Düsseldorf

City walk around the climate

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 28. Feb­ru­ar 2024

Cli­mate change is one of the greatest glob­al chal­lenges of our time, with its impacts being diverse and far-reach­ing. Cli­mate change is not only an envir­on­ment­al issue but also has social, eco­nom­ic, and polit­ic­al dimen­sions. Dur­ing the 2‑hour city walk Cli­mate (Change), Vis­it Düs­sel­dorf com­bines the major sights of our city with inform­a­tion about the cli­mate along the Rhine and how it affects our city. Dur­ing the tour, not only are his­tor­ic­al facts nar­rated inter­est­ingly, but also bridges are repeatedly built to today’s chal­lenges of cli­mate change – from urb­an plan­ning meas­ures of the past and future to mod­ern cli­mate-friendly build­ings and the role of green spaces and con­tem­por­ary tree stock.

The Kö-Bogen is a sus­tain­able high­light of the city and the walk. The build­ing ensemble is not only an archi­tec­tur­al mas­ter­piece but also con­trib­utes to envir­on­ment­al pro­tec­tion with its LEED cer­ti­fic­a­tion. The extens­ively greened roof houses five insect hotels and 24 nest­ing boxes for vari­ous anim­al spe­cies, includ­ing endangered spe­cies such as kestrels and bats, which were developed in col­lab­or­a­tion with the NABU. The facade of the build­ing is ver­tic­ally struc­tured through incisions, in which green­ing is integ­rated. This brings the adja­cent court­yard garden into the build­ing. The Kö-Bogen is an inspir­ing example of sus­tain­able con­struc­tion in the city and deserves to be explored.  Join us on Sunday, March 10th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, meet­ing point is the Tour­ist Inform­a­tion — Vis­it Düs­sel­dorf Rhein­straße 3, 40213 Düsseldorf. 

You can find more inform­a­tion about this in this Link!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Jour­ney through the His­tory of Love

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 15. Feb­ru­ar 2024

On Feb­ru­ary 14th, hearts beat to the rhythm of love: Valentine’s Day, also known as the day of lov­ers, is an oppor­tun­ity to cel­eb­rate affec­tion and con­nec­tion. But why exactly do we cel­eb­rate this romantic day? 

In fact, the ori­gins of Valentine’s Day date back to ancient Rome. The Chris­ti­an Valentine defied the imper­i­al order to marry sol­diers, con­vinced that unmar­ried men were bet­ter war­ri­ors. Instead, he secretly per­formed mar­riages for lov­ers. When his actions were dis­covered, he was executed on Feb­ru­ary 14th, 269 AD. On the eve of his exe­cu­tion, he is said to have writ­ten a let­ter to a guard’s child, sign­ing it “From your Valentine” — the first Valentine’s greeting. 

People around the world cel­eb­rate Valentine’s Day: a romantic even­ing for two, small gifts – flowers are par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar – or hand­writ­ten love let­ters. But friends and fam­ily mem­bers also use the day to show each oth­er their affec­tion. And even though Valentine’s Day has become a more com­mer­cial cel­eb­ra­tion over time, the core of Valentine’s Day remains the cel­eb­ra­tion of love and affec­tion between people. Because its mes­sage is time­less: love is a force that con­nects and enriches us, and Feb­ru­ary 14th is an oppor­tun­ity to cel­eb­rate this love — be it romantic, friendly, or famili­al. So let’s cel­eb­rate love in all its forms on Valentine’s Day and make the world a little brighter! 

On our Ins­tagram chan­nel, we raffled off eight beau­ti­ful bou­quets from FIORI, which we handed over to the lucky win­ners yesterday.


Art Invest Photo : Andreas Endermann
Art Invest Photo : Andreas Endermann

Our Good­ie: the New Year’s Pastry 2024

New Year’s recep­tion Fam­ily & Friends 

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 15. Janu­ar 2024

On Thursday, Kö-Bogen invited around 370 friends, ten­ants, and busi­ness part­ners to a fest­ive New Year’s recep­tion at the Füch­schen-Alm, to col­lect­ively kick off the new year with full enthu­si­asm and anti­cip­a­tion. Since 2016, this has been a cher­ished tra­di­tion that is grow­ing in pop­ular­ity, espe­cially since, amidst mulled wine and sand­wiches, there’s also the option for a quick round of ice skat­ing – the Alm is con­veni­ently loc­ated right next to the beau­ti­ful ice rink of Oscar Bruch at Cor­neli­us­platz on Königsallee.

We also aim to set the tone for the new year with our Good­ie ‘Neujährchen’ from the tra­di­tion­al bakery Hinkel, thereby passing on luck and health. Through­out Ger­many, the new year is wel­comed with sweet pastries. Because bread is not only one of the most import­ant foods for people, it also holds strong sym­bol­ic sig­ni­fic­ance. Here in North Rhine-West­phalia, it’s a tra­di­tion to gift pastries as good luck charms on vari­ous hol­i­days, thus bestow­ing a spe­cial bless­ing upon fam­ily, friends, and acquaint­ances. The yeast pastry ‘Neujährchen’ is tra­di­tion­ally baked and giv­en dur­ing the turn of the year. It is meant to pro­tect against ill­ness, mis­for­tune, and hun­ger, while bring­ing luck and health. Addi­tion­ally, its shape sym­bol­izes con­nec­tion – we exper­i­enced that 370 times at Kö-Bogen! We are already look­ing for­ward to 2025! Here’s to many more good Neujährchen!

10 Years Kö-Bogen!

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 04. Dezem­ber 2023

We cel­eb­rated – with all of Düs­sel­dorf, for a whole year. Daniel Libe­s­kind, the fam­ous archi­tect from New York, has cre­ated an entirely new set­ting for Düsseldorf’s city cen­ter with the build­ing. König­sallee 2 – an address that sym­bol­izes many beau­ti­ful events and shop­ping experiences.

Our birth­day year was filled with excite­ment: Wheth­er it was the rhythmic salsa at Kö-Bogen or the pas­sion­ate tango dances, every­one had fun here. The Bre­uninger Sea­son Open­ing, with its breath­tak­ing fash­ion shows on the water, attracts fash­ion enthu­si­asts from all over NRW and cap­tiv­ates them. At the Sun­down­er Lounge, our vis­it­ors relaxed and enjoyed numer­ous sum­mer even­ings with a fant­ast­ic view over König­sallee and the beau­ti­ful Hofgarten, Düsseldorf’s “Cent­ral Park.”

Our free archi­tec­ture tours repeatedly provide excit­ing insights into the cre­ation and design of the Kö-Bogen, enriched with anec­dotes. We also have a soft spot for car enthu­si­asts: the high-qual­ity Clas­sic Cars and icon­ic Brabus edi­tions attrac­ted many people and cre­ated flashes of light. There are plenty of photo oppor­tun­it­ies at Kö-Bogen!

A par­tic­u­larly spe­cial high­light for our team and the numer­ous vis­it­ors was our birth­day ini­ti­at­ive in Septem­ber, where we, togeth­er with the Herzwerk ini­ti­at­ive and the charm­ing act­ress and artist Jenny Jür­gens, were able to do good. She foun­ded Herzwerk – and also cap­tured our hearts to help!

The Kö-Bogen offers styl­ish, var­ied, large, and small events in Düs­sel­dorf and makes the new shop­ping cen­ter an exper­i­ence. We see every day how many people, even from neigh­bor­ing coun­tries and all over NRW, come to exper­i­ence Düs­sel­dorf anew and give the shop­ping city a new dimension.

Just as excit­ing, it con­tin­ues in 2024! See you there! Your Kö-Bogen Team

Feel­ing like a Christ­mas mar­ket? From Novem­ber 23 to Decem­ber 30, 2023, a magic­al Christ­mas mar­ket will once again take place around the Kö-Bogen. For the first time, the Christ­mas mar­ket will also extend to the Hofgarten side – and it will be even more beau­ti­ful and cozy!


Jenny Jür­gens, Schirm­her­rin der Ini­ti­at­ive Herzwerk und Andreas Stolz, Head of Asset Man­age­ment Art Invest NRW | Photo : Andreas Endermann
Kš-Bogen Photo : Andreas Endermann
Kö-Bogen Photo : Andreas Endermann

Bon Appet­it!

Culin­ary High­lights at Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 23. Novem­ber 2023

Focac­cia, house-cured sal­mon with lem­on cream on luke­warm bri­oche, or per­haps Strozzapreti with vanilla pump­kin and Styri­an oil? You might think that such extraordin­ary dishes are only found in res­taur­ants, but on an even­ing filled with culin­ary delights at the Miele Exper­i­ence Cen­ter at Kö-Bogen, around 30 guests dis­covered that great culin­ary art can also be cre­ated in their own kitchens.

In a prime city loc­a­tion, the approx­im­ately 440 m² space of the Miele Exper­i­ence Cen­ter serves as both a retail space and show­room, reg­u­larly host­ing excit­ing events and com­pet­i­tions. Since 2021, vis­it­ors can exper­i­ence the brand here with all their senses and rely on first-class per­son­al advice.

Dur­ing the exclus­ive live cook­ing event, Miele Culin­ary Man­ager Tobi­as Wulfmey­er impress­ively show­cased the diversity of the Miele kit­chen world in a per­fect blend of culin­ary expert­ise and tech­nic­al innov­a­tion. Fol­low­ing a cham­pagne recep­tion, three aro­mat­ic courses delighted par­ti­cipants with fla­vor exper­i­ences enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art tech­no­logy, while Frank Schleich­er, Man­aging Dir­ect­or of Miele Retail GmbH, ensured lively atmosphere.

Del­ic­ate chocol­ate mousse with a crisp cook­ie and crème brûlée roun­ded off the even­ing, typ­ic­al for the ambi­ance of Kö-Bogen, and undoubtedly sparked sweet memor­ies for all par­ti­cipants. #köli­cious”