We cel­eb­rated the New Year with 320 guests in Oscar Bruch’s rus­tic alpine hut. Between goulash can­on and cheese sand­wiches, it was a hearty affair, just the right thing for a New Year’s recep­tion that is down-to-earth and inspired with the best mood in the gloomy month of Janu­ary. Now the good mood con­tin­ues, because the Kö-Bogen has been nom­in­ated for one of the most coveted prizes in the real estate industry: the Immob­i­li­en­man­ager Award from Cologne. In the com­mu­nic­a­tion cat­egory, of course. 1000 thanks to the best team in the world. Andreas Stolz, Diana Mein­hold, Ver­ena Liebeck and textschwest­er Kati Rahl­wes! Of course, this fits in with our jubilee year, because the Kö-Bogen will be 10 years old. So we are also plan­ning at least 10 won­der­ful events with our great loc­al part­ners. Fol­low us on Ins­tagram for more info!

„Ohhh du KÖÖÖÖÖ-nigliche“

Christ­mas atmo­sphere at Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 17. Novem­ber 2022

Kö-Bogen cel­eb­rates Christ­mas, always gladly and with full pas­sion for that beau­ti­ful event. The stores are fest­ively dec­or­ated and entice us with won­der­ful gifts. Kö-Bogen trans­forms itself and gets us into the Christ­mas spir­it. This always includes Christ­mas caroling.

Enjoy the moment and pause, with Christ­mas songs by sing­er and music­al act­ress Bet­tina Skot­tke. The sing­er has a voice that gets under your skin — express­ive and nat­ur­al. Her numer­ous engage­ments to date include par­ti­cip­a­tion in music­al König Lud­wig II, ZDF Fernse­hgarten, Pro7 and many more.

The Kö-Bogen cre­ates many beau­ti­ful moments for its vis­it­ors from all over NRW and Düs­sel­dorf that put us in the pre-Christ­mas mood — right in front of the artist­ic shop win­dows of Breuninger!

On 17 Decem­ber, the pop­u­lar little angels will come and once again dis­trib­ute high-qual­ity Christ­mas bis­cuits that have been lov­ingly baked. With a cin­na­mon star in your hand, you can then enjoy the pop­u­lar Düs­sel­dorf Christ­mas mar­ket around the Kö-Bogen, the nearby Winter World with ice rink on Cor­neli­us­platz and the Christ­mas-red Armani Pavil­ion — Oh du fröhliche.…

Between cat­walk and celebrities

This is how the DFD sum­mer will be


Cast off for next year’s sum­mer fash­ion. “So far, we have always cel­eb­rated big in Ber­lin. But this time we want to show the flag for Düs­sel­dorf. After two Corona years, the city has asser­ted itself as a stable, reli­able busi­ness loc­a­tion. This is where we have our show­room and where we sell our col­lec­tions,” says Feli­citas Gut­jahr of fash­ion man­u­fac­turer Riani. “And because the Blue Rhaps­ody ship also fits to our brand, we are invit­ing people to a fash­ion fest­iv­al on the Rhine.”

On Sat­urday even­ing, the float­ing loc­a­tion will weigh anchor for a cruise event, and it will do so in front of the glow­ing Kir­mes. Around 400 invited guests are expec­ted. The celebrity dens­ity is remark­able: Nat­alia Wörner, Bar­bara Beck­er, Cathy Hum­mels, Bella Les­nik and Frauke Ludowig, among oth­ers, will gath­er on the red car­pet. Rebecca Immanuel, ali­as Sonja Zim­mer from the series “Ber­g­dok­t­or,” has agreed to appear, as well as act­ress Caro Cult. The influ­en­cers Anna Hiltrop and Gitta Banko will rep­res­ent Düs­sel­dorf. Riani is plan­ning a fash­ion install­a­tion on all levels of the ship, where inter­na­tion­ally known mod­els will present the fash­ion high­lights on podi­ums. Music­ally, the band Par­al­lel, sing­er Leony and the duo Sax­ity will be part of the party. DJane 2Elements and DJ Dav­id Puen­tez will set the mood. 

Düs­sel­dorf scores with numer­ous net­work­ing events

For the first time, a num­ber of events with a large audi­ence will be held around the Düs­sel­dorf Fash­ion Days: start­ing with the “fireside chat” in the Sans­ibar, a cock­tail recep­tion on the Plaza at Karl-Arnold-Platz and the after-work drinks at Apro­pros, to the media fash­ion din­ner in the “New Para­dise” and the InStyle Lounge. Dur­ing the Düs­sel­dorf Fest­iv­al Edi­tion, it’s also Sun­down­er time at Kö-Bogen on Sat­urday, start­ing at 1 p.m.

At the invit­a­tion of the Fash­ion Net asso­ci­ation, the largest industry get-togeth­er will cel­eb­rate its premiere at the Rhein­ter­rassen. Ibiza feel­ing and the cas­u­al-loose Boho style will expect the 700 invited guests on Sunday even­ing. Influ­en­cers such as Alex­an­dra Lapp, Mrs. Bella, Ann-Kath­rin Götze and the presenters Ver­ena Kerth and Prin­cess Elna-Mar­gret zu Ben­theim are on the top-class guest list along­side decision-makers from the fash­ion industry. In sum­mery tem­per­at­ures, QVC will provide the neces­sary refresh­ment with a soft ice cream stand, and guests can have their lip­stick and found­a­tion touched up in the Seph­ora Beauty Lounge.

For the finale of the party series on the upcom­ing Monday, fash­ion man­u­fac­turer Bugatti Hold­ing Brink­mann will come up trumps in a big way. “Today, Tomor­row, Togeth­er” will be the motto when the company’s 75th anniversary is duly cel­eb­rated in the case­mates at the Unter­er Rhein­werft with a fash­ion show at sun­set, live music and culin­ary delights. 350 guests are invited, one cus­tom­er is even join­ing from South Africa.

Foto­cre­d­it: Seba­tian Brüll 

Kö-Bogen Photo: Andreas Endermann
Kö-Bogen Photo: Andreas Endermann


Super­cars at the Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 14. Juli 2022

Glit­ter­ing sum­mer sun above the Kö-Bogen by Daniel Libe­s­kind, 20 highly pol­ished clas­sic cars and a really great atmo­sphere among the almost 50 invited guests. A flurry of flash­bulbs for the super­cars that Bernhard Kerkloh from Movendi and his team brought to the Kö-Bogen. 

The fas­cin­a­tion with his­tor­ic cars is always very dif­fer­ent and dif­fer­ent for every­one — some­times it’s the her­it­age of the auto­mobile that excites, some­times it’s the enthu­si­asm for fancy design or refined details, tech­no­logy — love has many facets. The car enthu­si­ast scene around Düs­sel­dorf is extremely high-caliber — people know each oth­er, wheth­er as at this event from Düs­sel­dorf, Cologne, Aachen — from all points of the com­pass came the car col­lect­ors with their mobile works of art. They are beau­ti­ful, strik­ing and design icons: the sports cars of the 1950s to 1970s. In recent years, these cars have become coveted collector’s items and enjoy abso­lute cult status, which was imme­di­ately con­firmed by the gath­er­ing of curi­ous people at the Kö-Bogen. 

Rar­it­ies such as Fer­rari 250 Cali­for­nia Spider, Mer­cedes-Benz 300 SL Gull­wing, Iso Grifo 7 Litre, AC Cobra, Maser­ati Vig­n­ale Spider up to the Porsche 962 Le Mans win­ning car shone in front of the Kö-Bogen. It was a parade of auto­mot­ive excellence.

Col­lec­ted anec­dotes and little stories



What do a Nor­we­gi­an saus­age, a swift hotel and a sleep­ing sky­scraper have in com­mon? Quite simply: my Kö-Bogen guided tours. They play a role when I go around the houses — Haus Hofgarten and Haus König­sallee to be pre­cise — and tell stor­ies. For as long as I can remem­ber — in rela­tion to the Kö-Bogen — I have liked to do the tours per­son­ally. It is simply excit­ing to see which people are inter­ested in Kö-Bogen and what drives them to learn more about the star archi­tect Daniel Libe­s­kind and the great task of urb­an devel­op­ment that the Kö-Bogen has suc­cess­fully taken on. But the tours are always also a piece of per­son­al his­tory, my anec­dotes that I have col­lec­ted over the years there. The Nor­we­gi­an saus­age was giv­en to me by a very nice group of archi­tects from Nor­way — after a guided tour, where they were all very happy about the beau­ti­ful, quiet, clean under­ground car park. Anoth­er les­son learned. The swifts are also an import­ant part, they hov­er above the roofs of the Kö-Bogen, where we have a cooper­a­tion with the Nature Con­ser­va­tion Soci­ety. The birds and insects have been giv­en their own spe­cially designed homes — up on the roof of Kö-Bogen it is always windy, very quiet and you can look down on Düs­sel­dorf so won­der­fully. Very few people know this, because the roof area is not open to the pub­lic.
Com­pared to the Dre­is­cheiben­haus, the Kö-Bogen is more of the “sleep­ing” type, i.e. a hori­zont­al high-rise.But it’s nev­er really sleepy here, because espe­cially in sum­mer there’s a lot going on. The people of Düs­sel­dorf dance open-air tango and salsa. And we also have our sights set on the new life­style tours — there are now stops with drinks and snacks to get to know the culin­ary side of the Kö-Bogen. Only the Nor­we­gi­an saus­age is missing.

Foto­cre­d­it: Andraes Endermann




Yes, of course! At Kö-Bogen, 25 vis­it­ors of the IRE|BS Real Estate Academy, cor­por­ate pro­gramme of DZ Hype, had their own guided tour at Kö-Bogen. Marco Koch, Art-Invest, was the Kö-Bogen guide and focused on “Sus­tain­ab­il­ity / ESG”. ESG top­ics are top­ics for the future that the Kö-Bogen has already integ­rated, but also takes up again and again and is always devel­op­ing fur­ther. In the almost 3‑hour tour, the ele­ments “Pub­lic Book­case” and “Dan­cing at the Kö-Bogen” stand for years of com­mit­ment in the social sec­tor. The typ­ic­al façade green­ing by star archi­tect Daniel Libe­s­kind and his “Cuts” are an excel­lent example of how liv­ing and CO₂-stor­ing green­ery was already used as an integ­rat­ive build­ing com­pon­ent in a for­ward-look­ing way almost 10 years ago. Since then, many nat­ive plants have taken up res­id­ence in the façade of the five float­ing gar­dens at König­sallee 2. Over the past few years, a small city zoo has been cre­ated on the Kö-Bogen roof in cooper­a­tion with the NABU (Nature and Biod­iversity Con­ser­va­tion Uni­on): between swifts and insect colon­ies, there is a hive of activ­ity on the roof. There, the anim­al inhab­it­ants enjoy the peace and quiet in the middle of the city — in their spe­cially made “insect and bird hotels”.

Build­ing ser­vices — an import­ant point on the tour, because the level of digit­al­isa­tion of the Kö-Bogen’s extens­ive con­trol pro­cesses is com­plex. The Kö-Bogen is pure high-tech, e.g. soft­ware solu­tions for oper­a­tion­al optim­isa­tion and oth­er meas­ures in the FM area. Andreas Stolz, Asset Man­age­ment Kö-Bogen, was pleased with the vis­it­ors and con­vinced them with excit­ing insights into the his­tory, urb­an devel­op­ment and diverse use of the EGS build­ing Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf.




Düsseldorf’s Hofgarten, the “Cent­ral Park of Düs­sel­dorf”, accord­ing to star archi­tect Daniel Libe­s­kind, is con­sidered the first and old­est pub­lic garden in Ger­many. Sum­mer con­certs in the Music Pavil­ion, relax­ing from the hustle and bustle of the city and simply enjoy­ing the fresh air. The court­yard garden in front of Jäger­hof Palace is a retreat for any­one who needs a little time out and wants to make them­selves com­fort­able on the many benches. The light benches on the Reit­allee are part of the art install­a­tion ‘Hell-Grün’ by Stefan Sous and have con­trib­uted to a spe­cial atmo­sphere in the Hofgarten since 2002.
The green heart of the city was laid out in 1769 in the Düs­sel­dorf dis­tricts of ‘Stadtmitte’ and ‘Pem­pelfort’ and extends over almost 28 hec­tares of park­land, 13 hec­tares of which are mead­ows, from Jac­obis­traße and the adja­cent Malkasten grounds to Hein­rich-Heine-Allee on the Alt­stadt, and from König­sallee to the Ehren­hof on the banks of the Rhine. The already exist­ing grounds were exten­ded and remod­elled with the com­mis­sion­ing of the mas­ter build­er Nic­olas de Pigage. At the begin­ning of the 19th cen­tury, the land­scape archi­tect Max­imili­an Friedrich Weyhe exten­ded the Hofgarten to the Rhine in two sec­tions to a size of 27 hec­tares. The Hofgarten is sur­roun­ded by import­ant cul­tur­al insti­tu­tions, such as the opera, the Schaus­piel­haus, the Ehren­hof museum com­plex, the Goethe and Theatre Museum and the Kö-Bogen.
In the Eng­lish land­scape park, in the Baroque style, you can view numer­ous his­tor­ic­al monu­ments and mod­ern sculp­tures, stroll along the two ponds sur­roun­ded by rich trees, or take advant­age of the beau­ti­ful sun­bathing lawns in sum­mer. Fantastic!

Cred­it: Düs­sel­dorf Tourismus 




For the hol­i­days, bar man­ager Anil Savsun’s team will tell you how to warm the senses. 

CHERRY MINT MOCK­TAIL (no alco­hol):


- 8cl cherry nectar 

- 4 cl apple juice

- 1 cl fresh lime juice

- ton­ic water


4 ice cubes in a tum­bler, add juices, stir well, top with ton­ic water and gar­nish with mint sprig.

LIL­LET WINTER THYME (with alco­hol):


- 5cl Lil­let Blanc

- 5cl pear puree

- 3cl lem­on juice

- 2cl cin­na­mon syrup

- Ton­ic Water


4 ice cubes in a tum­bler, add ingredi­ents, stir well, gar­nish with thyme sprig and lem­on zest. Add a bottle of ton­ic water 0.2l a part.

Cheers and have a good time!





The inter­na­tion­al cam­paign “orange the world” made Daniel Liebeskind’s Kö-Bogen glow. On 25 Novem­ber, atten­tion was paid to women who have suffered sexu­al or phys­ic­al viol­ence, as this affects one in three women. The Fer­ris wheel on Bur­g­platz, the ERGO Tower, the Opera House and the Kö-Bogen were just a few of the land­marks sup­port­ing the cam­paign. For the Inter­na­tion­al Day for the Elim­in­a­tion of Viol­ence against Women, the Kö-Bogen shone in the col­our that sym­bol­ises the call for women who have exper­i­enced viol­ence. Accord­ing to the Fed­er­al Crim­in­al Police Office, the num­ber of intim­ate part­ner viol­ence rises to a total of 119,164, an increase of 4% com­pared to 2019. With the action, Zonta women and Sor­op­tim­ists wanted to draw atten­tion to the urgency of pro­gress regard­ing the increase in cases and the hand­ling of the issue of women’s violence.




Every­one wants vin­tage, but where can you find the nearest second-hand store? The design­er hand­bag still lies unworn in the cup­board and the price tag still hangs on it? Bre­uninger has recog­nised the vin­tage trend and already imple­men­ted it in Düsseldorf’s Kö-Bogen. Reverse retail is the new magic word. Buddy&Selly, an online shop for vin­tage cloth­ing, and VitEn­Vogue are behind it with their busi­ness mod­el. Buddy&Selly takes over the pur­chase of vin­tage cloth­ing and VitEn­Vogue the sale: win-win for a good cause. The prin­ciple is simple: cus­tom­ers bring their well-pre­served design­er cloth­ing and accessor­ies to the cus­tom­er ser­vice depart­ment set up for the Kö-Bogen, which eval­u­ates and sells the items.
With Vin­tage, you get the chance to buy unique design­er treas­ures. Accord­ing to a BCG study, second-hand only accounts for about two per­cent of the fash­ion mar­ket, but if you’re look­ing for unique pieces and want to shop in an envir­on­ment­ally con­scious way without con­stantly buy­ing newly pro­duced tex­tiles, this is the place to go. With pre­vi­ously worn cloth­ing, you can fill your ward­robe with high-qual­ity design­er treas­ures and save money at the same time. Because these are cheap­er second-hand than the new goods in the store. In addi­tion, the gar­ments are a lot more sus­tain­able than fast-fash­ion cloth­ing. When it comes to high-qual­ity lux­ury items, you don’t have to worry about the new vin­tage design­er dress los­ing qual­ity and value after a while. The mar­ket of second-hand goods has developed and become increas­ingly estab­lished in recent years. With high-qual­ity, well-cared-for lux­ury products, the interest of buy­ers is increas­ing due to their longev­ity and col­lect­ible value.

New shop­ping beha­viour.
Man­aging Dir­ect­or Bre­uninger Düs­sel­dorf Andreas Rebbelmund makes it clear: “it should not be under­stood as an exper­i­ment, but as an import­ant part of the chan­ging shop­ping beha­viour and exper­i­ence”. Bre­uninger is com­mit­ted to sus­tain­able and respons­ible con­sump­tion of fash­ion with a Cor­por­ate Respons­ib­il­ity Strategy (CRS), which is to be under­stood as the social respons­ib­il­ity of com­pan­ies. “The design­er and lux­ury accessor­ies are checked for authen­ti­city and qual­ity by the exper­i­enced Buddy&Selly pur­chas­ing team and val­ued accord­ingly,” says Andreas Rebbelmund. Cus­tom­ers receive a Bre­uninger shop­ping vouch­er in the amount of the pur­chase price in return for the items they hand in.

Accord­ing to Rebbelmund, the response has been con­sist­ently pos­it­ive, whereupon Bre­uninger is pre­par­ing to increase the share of vin­tage cloth­ing on the fash­ion mar­ket by expand­ing the range in the depart­ment store. Vari­ous Vit­eEn­Vogue pop-up spaces in oth­er cit­ies and a per­man­ent, unlim­ited pur­chase option via Buddy& Selly are planned.