Culinary Highlights
Enjoyment at Kö-Bogen. Düsseldorf’s favorite menu is obviously the one at Sansibar, the sweetest display window in the city is Poccino’s pasticceria counter. These are the culinary delights of the month that you can either enjoy right away, or take with you or keep in mind as a good choice for a new week of enjoyment.

Here you can enjoy the iconic Sylt feeling on the second floor with a view over the Hofgarten – the only Sansibar on the mainland! Classics such as North Sea fish, steaks or the legendary curry-wurst meet up with local daily specials.

This is how you find us: You can reach the restaurant on the 1st floor during opening hours via the escalator in the Breuninger Department Store. After 8 pm, we ask you to use the outside entrance (where you can also access the parking garage elevators) in the passage Haus Hofgarten and Haus Königsallee (between Confiserie and Poccino Espresso Bar) and take the elevator assigned to Sansibar by Breuninger to the 1st floor.

Opening hours:
11am until 12am
Kitchen: 11:30am thru until 10pm
Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sundays and holidays
Reservations by phone:
0211.566 414 650
E-Mail: sansibar@breuninger.de
“Düsseldorf is one of the greatest cities in the world, that’s why I wanted to do something positive here.” Daniel Libeskind Daniel Libeskind

Temptation pure with the finest pastries! It is situated directly at the entrance to Breuninger, and while sitting at the bar, you can enjoy and study the city’s colorful hustle and bustle on the Kö-Bogen piazza and afterwards you can take the finest delicacies home with you or to the office.
Tip: Order your cakes in advance – a highlight for events!

Opening hours:
10am to 8pm
Monday to Saturday,
Closed on Sundays and holidays
0211.566 414 600
E-Mail: dueconfiserie@breuninger.de
Bella Italia at Kö-Bogen! The Palio Poccino receives its guests on 500m2 and offers specialties of the classic Italian cuisine. Light appetizers, refined pasta variations, meat and fish dishes and desserts. The pastry shop show production “Pasticceria San Marco“entices you with cakes, pasticcinis und biscottis. After 7 pm the counter turns into a cocktail bar.
As an ambassador of the Italian way of life and authentic Italian eating enjoyment, Poccino makes his guests and customers a very special promise concerning quality. All Poccino as well as San Marco Pasticceria products are produced and prepared according to traditional methods of craftsmanship.
In front of the Poccino Espresso Bar and the Poccino Espresso Shop in Haus Hofgarten as well as Palio Poccino in Haus Königsallee, a 300m2 terrace will become the city’s new hot spot. With a view of the Hofgarten, around 320 guests can enjoy the unique atmosphere between architecture and nature until late into the evening.


Opening hours:
Monday to Fridays: 11am to 11pm
Saturdays: 10am to 10pm
Sundays and holidays: 11am to 10pm
Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 11pm
Sundays and holidays: 2pm to 9:30pm
0211.9 09 89 160
Fax: 0211.9 09 89 171

Opening hours:
Monday to Fridays: starting 11am
Saturdays: starting 10am
Sundays and holidays: 11am to 10pm

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturdays: starting 11am
Sundays and holidays: starting 11am
0211.9 09 89 150
Fax: 0211.9 09 89 151


During the different seasons, the gastronomic businesses at Kö-Bogen play with many themes and offer plenty of ideas revolving around enjoyment. Whether it’s small gifts, sweet take-aways or special editions. At regular intervals, Poccino offers workshops, for example, at the Pasticceria San Marco to give a glimpse inside his native Southern Italian art of making pastries in the Italian tradition.



Show me Kö-Bogen! Mit nur einem Blick den Überblick behalten. So finden Sie Ihren Weg in und um den Kö-Bogen.