Kö-Bogen Photo: Andreas Endermann
Kö-Bogen Photo: Andreas Endermann


Super­cars at the Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 14. Juli 2022

Glit­ter­ing sum­mer sun above the Kö-Bogen by Daniel Libe­s­kind, 20 highly pol­ished clas­sic cars and a really great atmo­sphere among the almost 50 invited guests. A flurry of flash­bulbs for the super­cars that Bernhard Kerkloh from Movendi and his team brought to the Kö-Bogen. 

The fas­cin­a­tion with his­tor­ic cars is always very dif­fer­ent and dif­fer­ent for every­one — some­times it’s the her­it­age of the auto­mobile that excites, some­times it’s the enthu­si­asm for fancy design or refined details, tech­no­logy — love has many facets. The car enthu­si­ast scene around Düs­sel­dorf is extremely high-caliber — people know each oth­er, wheth­er as at this event from Düs­sel­dorf, Cologne, Aachen — from all points of the com­pass came the car col­lect­ors with their mobile works of art. They are beau­ti­ful, strik­ing and design icons: the sports cars of the 1950s to 1970s. In recent years, these cars have become coveted collector’s items and enjoy abso­lute cult status, which was imme­di­ately con­firmed by the gath­er­ing of curi­ous people at the Kö-Bogen. 

Rar­it­ies such as Fer­rari 250 Cali­for­nia Spider, Mer­cedes-Benz 300 SL Gull­wing, Iso Grifo 7 Litre, AC Cobra, Maser­ati Vig­n­ale Spider up to the Porsche 962 Le Mans win­ning car shone in front of the Kö-Bogen. It was a parade of auto­mot­ive excellence.