Andreas Stolz in the Busi­ness Pod­cast Unplugged

From Real Estate to Brand: Sus­tain­able Urb­an Devel­op­ment at Kö-Bogen

POS­TED BY ALEX IWAN, 17. April 2024

Kö-Bogen: More Than Just a Build­ing – the Dynam­ic Heart of Düsseldorf

The real estate land­scape is marked by a mul­ti­tude of remark­able pro­jects, yet few have man­aged to become the icon of a city. The Kö-Bogen in Düs­sel­dorf is one of these phe­nom­ena – a prop­erty that has grown bey­ond its phys­ic­al bound­ar­ies to become a brand and a vibrant focal point in urb­an devel­op­ment. In the epis­ode “Busi­ness Düs­sel­dorf Unplugged,” hos­ted by Andrea Gre­u­ner and presen­ted in col­lab­or­a­tion with the Rotonda Busi­ness Club, the IHK, and the Eco­nom­ic Devel­op­ment Düs­sel­dorf, Andreas Stolz, Head of Asset Man­age­ment NRW at Art-Invest Real Estate, provides deep insights into the pro­ject that has pro­foundly changed the Düs­sel­dorf city­scape. With over 30 years of exper­i­ence in the real estate mar­ket, Andreas Stolz embod­ies solid­ity, foresight, and fairness.

The Kö-Bogen shines like a pre­cious jew­el in the European port­fo­lio of Art-Invest Real Estate. How­ever, its sig­ni­fic­ance goes far bey­ond the role of a mere asset. Rather, it is a driver of urb­an devel­op­ment in Düsseldorf.

With a clear vis­ion for the future and a strategy focused on sus­tain­ab­il­ity and cit­izen par­ti­cip­a­tion, this pro­ject has evolved into a vibrant mar­ket­place that serves as a meet­ing point and exper­i­en­tial space. Diverse events and ini­ti­at­ives, such as the involve­ment of the loc­al Asi­an com­munity or part­ner­ships with the Tan­zhaus NRW, give the Kö-Bogen a spe­cial char­ac­ter and under­score its com­mit­ment to being an access­ible and appeal­ing place for all.

The Kö-Bogen rep­res­ents a suc­cess­ful syn­thes­is of mod­ern archi­tec­ture and vibrant use that appeals to and integ­rates all cit­izens and vis­it­ors alike. It is thus much more than an address – it is a suc­cess story that pro­foundly shapes the face of Düs­sel­dorf and reflects the spir­it of the city.

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